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"I was pitched out to the left, off the bike..."


NEW CRASH TESTIMONY - received February 7th, 2017. We are glad Ray is okay!

"Just wanted to write and let you know what a great product you have.

I ride a 2011 BMWR1200GSA and was riding to work yesterday down the same road I have for the last 20+ years. It had rained really good the night before and the road was wet, but nothing to really worry about (or so I thought). I was in the right hand lane (two lanes going my direction) and I had just moved over to the left side because there was a big Snap-On Tool Van merging onto the highway and I wanted to give him room. Just as I got past his front bumper and going about 55mph, the bike started fish-tailing right to left. I tried steering into the skid and let off the gas a little trying to calm the wobbles, but they just got bigger and bigger and on about the eighth one, the bike went to the right and I was pitched out to the left, off the bike (high-side). I didn’t have any time to think what was going on; next thing I knew, I hit the highway pretty hard with the left side of my head and shoulder and was sliding down the road! I started feeling a “burning” sensation on my left thigh and rolled onto my back before coming to a stop by the side of the rode. Nothing hurt and I immediately stood up, but had a hard time moving my neck and arms! Then I realized that my Helite Vest had gone off and that was keeping my head and neck secure! I just felt the pressure all around my torso and realized it had protected my head / neck / spine / ribs / hip during the fall. Long story short, the guy in the Snap-On Tool Van stopped right behind me to block traffic and helped me pick up the bike (it had come to a stopped about 20 feet down the highway on it’s left side). I moved to to the side of the rode, gave the bike and myself the "once over” and realized that we both were in working condition! I picked up the broken wind deflector and left front turn signal, dusted myself off, gave the bike a quick look for any leaks, breaks, missing parts. I thanked the Snap-On driver for stopping and started up the bike and rode to work for a meeting (and I was only 3 minutes late!).
I can not tell you how impressed I was with the vest… I didn’t even realize it had gone off until I had stood up and tried to move! It inflated in a nanosecond and I now know why my back and ribs don’t hurt! Also, after looking at the abrasion on the left side of my helmet, I can honestly say that with out the vest and the way it secured my head and neck so quickly, I would not have been going to work in the Emergency Department, but I could have easily been one of the patients that morning! Thanks for making one outstanding piece of riding gear and I’ll be telling all my friends what piece of gear they really need to be wearing!"
Ray D, RN

New video, rider crashes with Helite airbag!

A rider sent this story to us recently saying, "So I am just writing this to say thank you for your great product. I have just purchased another helite to go with my new bike." We love when riders choose to use airbag protection because every story we receive has a happy ending! Ride Helite Airbag equipped! [...]

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Rider Vs. Deer Right This Minute video breakdown!

In this dramatic video, a Southern California motorcyclist escapes death thanks to his airbag vest. Fred Greissing was riding down the Mulholland Highway at 60 miles per hour near Los Angeles when a deer suddenly jumped in front of him. Fred had less than a second to react, yet amazingly his airbag vest [...]

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Helite demonstration events for the month of April

If you haven't seen a Helite Airbag Protection vest deploy in person, we have events across the U.S. so any rider can be fit for Helite airbag technology and try it out for themselves! See our events calendar for more information. April 2nd - Cycle Specialties Open House in Modesto, Cawww.cyclespecialties.com April 9th - Performance Cycle [...]

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