1- Choose B'Safe

Why an airbag to protect cyclists?

The number of cyclists and serious or fatal accidents increases each year and there is no protection for the upper body. B’Safe is the first airbag solution that protects the thorax, neck and spine. 

How does B’Safe work ?

The Airbag B’Safe uses an algorithm and two sensors which are able to distinguish cyclists’ common movements from an accident. The CDU sensor (crash detection unit), located inside the vest, analyzes cyclists’ motion in real time and the SDU saddle sensor detects the shock. When an abnormal move or a shock is detected both sensors communicate with each other and analyze the situation. If an accident is detected, the airbag inflates in 80 ms and the cyclist is protected.

For which cycling disciplines can I use the B’Safe airbag?

The B’Safe airbag is adapted for urban cyclists who use their bike every day. It is ideal for on-road cycling and bicycle paths.  However, it is not adapted for mountain bike, bicycle acrobatics, BMX, scooter, motorcycle, running, segways, electric unicycle and self-balancing board.  

Which areas of the body are protected by the airbag?

B’Safe protects three vital parts of the upper body: the neck, the thorax and the back. The airbag volume of protection is 16 L. 

What types of accidents/falls does the system detect?

The electronic system detects different accident situations:During the ride (minimum speed of 11km/h)

– Bicycles that hit or are being hit by a significant obstacle (vehicle, wall, pole, etc.) from the front, side or rear.

– Loss of control of the bike (without shock on the bike): slipping on the side or falling off the bike.

– Impact on the bicycle and the cyclist is ejected from the bike.

2 - Buy B'Safe

What is included in the package « B’Safe Airbag »?

The airbag « B’Safe » includes an airbag vest (which contains the CDU sensor), a SDU saddle sensor, a USB cable for recharge use, a magnet and a gas cartridge.

Where can I purchase B’Safe?

The airbag B’Safe will become available in the beginning of 2020. The airbag will be available through our website: and also through our dealer network. 

How to choose the right size?

The vest is available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL

To choose the right size, you need to measure your chest and your waist line and finally choose the corresponding size by consulting our size chart: 


Is there any other design available?

The vest is available in two colors:

– Yellow hi-vis, high visibility

– Black

Both models are provided with reflective stripes to ensure an optimal visibility at night or in case of fog or rain.

3- Cycle with B'Safe

Is B’Safe ready to use when I receive it?

Yes, the airbag is ready to use when you receive it. You simply need to install the saddle sensor on your bike and pair the saddle sensor with the vest. 

How to wear B’Safe?

As any other security vest for cycling, B’Safe must always be worn over your clothes (jacket, t-shirt).

However, it is possible to wear a rain cape or a back pack (if not too tight) over your B’Safe vest.

How to switch ON and switch OFF the system?

The vest is switched on and off by pressing the button Q 3 times.

Caution : there are some situations in which you must switch off the vest:  

– When you use different means of transport with your vest (car, metro, tram, train, bus, etc.)

– During a long storage time (in winter for example).

How do I activate / deactivate the system?

The vest activates/deactivates itself once the zipper is closed/opened. The mark « airbag activated » on the vest indicates where the vest must be closed so that the system is properly activated.

You don’t need to trun on and swhich off everytime you use it.  The vest will switch to sleep mode automatically when no activity has been detected for more than 30 seconds. 

In which cases should I switch OFF B’Safe?

It is not necessary to switch off the vest regularly. However there are situations in which you must switch off the vest:

– When you use different means of transport with your vest (car, metro, tram, train, bus, etc.)

– During a long storage time (in winter for example).

REMINDER: to switch off the vest, you need to press the button Q 3 times.

How to be sure that B’Safe is working?

You hear a « beep » and you see a flashing green LED when you close the zipper of your vest: it is okay, the system is on. The vest works properly.

What are the different LEDs for?

The differend LEDs indicate the state of your vest.
Please check on the table below to see what are the LED for.


Is B’Safe vest waterproof?

The B’Safe vest is water-repellent: You can use it in case of light rain without damaging the system. in case of heavy rain, we advise you to use a rain cap in addition.

Can I use a backpack with the vest?

Yes, you can wear a backpack over your B’Safe vest.

Caution: Make sure that the adjustment straps are not too tight (but rather fairly wide) so that they cannot prevent the airbag from inflating correctly.

Do I still have to wear a helmet?

Of course, you do! B’Safe does not protect the head and does not replace the helmet in no way. It must be worn in addition of any other safety equipment.

4- Saddle sensor "SDU"

How does the saddle sensor work?

Before using B’Safe for the first time you need to install the saddle sensor on your bicycle frame (see video « first use »). The saddle sensor detects shocks on the bicycle.

When a shock on the bicycle frame is detected, the SDU sensor sends a message to the sensor located inside the vest (CDU) that will analyze the situation and determine if the airbag has to be inflated or not.

How to install the saddle sensor on the bike?

The saddle sensor is mounted with the screw and the hex key on the bicycle frame on the seatpost or on the seat tube.

Can I use the saddle sensor without the vest?

No, the SDU saddle sensor does not work without the vest. It is indispensable to pair (associate) the two sensors for the first use of B’Safe. We also recommend to make regular checks with the included magnet to verify that both sensors are still paired.

How to pair the saddle sensor with the vest?

This process is easy and only takes a few seconds.

1- Close the zip and switch on the vest (by pressing the button Q 3 times)

2- Press the button Q for 3 seconds: the LED turns blue.

3- Place the magnet on the saddle sensor over the round sign (you have 30 seconds to effect this procedure).

4- You hear a LONG BEEP: the vest and the saddle sensor are paired.

How can I check that the pairing was successful?

Press the button Q for 3 seconds and place the magnet over the sensor.

Blue LED + sound: your vest and the sensor are paired.

Can I have several saddle sensors for one vest?

Yes, it is possible to pair up to 5 saddle sensors with one vest (when you have several bikes for example).

Can I have several vests and one saddle sensor?

Yes, it is possible to pair as many vests as you want to with the same saddle sensor.

Should I recharge the saddle sensor?

No, the sensor has an autonomy of around 5 years. Once installed, you don’t need to take care of it often. We recommend to check it once a month (by passing the magnet over your sensor).

Can I remove the saddle sensor from my bike when it is parked on the street?

The saddle sensor alone has no use since it needs the vest to work. However, if you want to remove it easily, do not put the screw that attaches the bracelet to the sensor so that you are able to remove the sensor easily.

5 - Travel with B'Safe

By train, bus, tram, car ?

There is no problem to travel by bus, tram, car or train.

Caution, always switch off your vest while using these means of transport.  

By plane ?

When travelling by airplane, you may encounter some difficulties with the security service regarding the gas cartridges used to inflate your vest. From a legal point of view (IATA regulations), you are authorized to travel by airplane with 2 gas cartridges (with a volume of less than 200cc), in the cabin or in the hold.

Nevertheless, even if it is legally allowed, it is possible that the security service or the airline will refuse you to board the aircraft with the gas cartridge. We advise you to print the IATA regulation and to show it during the control if you are asked for further explanation.

>> Download Iata regulation << 

In any case, the security department of the airport and the airline will make the final decision whether to take your equipment on board or not.

6 - Reuse B'Safe

Can I reuse B’Safe after an inflation?

Yes, our system is totally resuable after each inflation. It only takes 5 minutes to reactivate your airbag vest. To do so, you need to check that the vest is completely deflated and replace the used cartridge with a new Helite cartridge of the same capacity. 

How long will my airbag stay inflated?

You have nothing to do. B’Safe will deflate automatically in a few minute and take its initial shape.  

Can I rearm the vest by myself?

Of course, our system is safe, simple and ready to use.

Here are the steps to follow:

– Open the vest

– Open the pocket of the gas cartridge

– Disconnect the gas cartridge from the system

– Unscrew the used cartridge

– Take a new Helite gas cartridge

– Screw the cartridge in the black cylinder

– Reconnect the cartridge with the system

– Close the cartridge pocket

How to be sure about the good cartridge size I need?

We have three different cartridge sizes: GG 50 CC, GG 60 cc and GG 100 cc depending on the size of your vest.

A small graphic in the pocket of the vest indicates which size to use.

7 - Maintenance and charging

Can I wash B’Safe?

B’Safe is not washable: neither in the washing machine nor by hand washing. However, you can use a sponge with soap to clean the surface of the jacket.

What is the lifespan of the battery? How do I charge it?

The B’Safe vest has 25h of autonomy or about 1 week depending on your cycling acitivity.

You need to recharge B’Safe with the USB cable included in the B’Safe package. You have to plug it afterwards into a standard USB charger and connect it to your vest.

Caution: Only the included USB cable is compatible.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

Recharging the battery completely takes about 3h. A green LED indicates that the charging process is completed.

Should I recharge the saddle sensor?

No, the sensor has an autonomy of around 5 years. Once installed, you don’t need to take care of it often. We recommend to check it once a month (by passing the magnet over your sensor).

What are the regular check that shoud be done ?

Every month :

We recommend to check from time to time (once a month) that the saddle sensor is working properly ( battery and pairing)

To do so, you need to place the magnet over the round sign of the saddle sensor to check that the saddle sensor is still activated and that it is still paired with the vest.

Every year :

We recommend to check the weight of the cartridge  annualy. The check consists in 

weighing your cartridge on a scale and making sure that the weight is approximately (+/- 3g) equivalent to the weight written on your cartridge : 

– Cartridge of 50 CC weighs 182 g: its weight should be between 179 g and 185 g.

– Cartridge of 60 CC weighs 212 g: its weight should be between 209 g and 215 g.

– Cartridge of 100 CC weighs 298 g: its weight should be between 295 g and 301 g.

8 - After sale service and warranty

Is there any warranty for B’Safe?

B’Safe comes with a 2 year warranty. You can benefit from an extended 2 year warranty if you register your vest online on: within 3 months after your purchase. 

How to extend the warranty ?

You have to register your airbag online on within 3 month after your purchase. Click on “Register my airbag” and fill in the form. That’s it.  


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