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Web Bike World Reviews a Helite Leather Roadster Jacket! 


Moshe from Motorcycle Consumer News reviews a Helite Airbag Turtle Vest!






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Web Bike World reviews the Helite Adventure touring jacket 










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Helpful Review from Helite wearer 'Mutter'

"I had purchased the vest but didn't like the bulkiness of how it felt over my Firstgear TPG or Tour Master Flex Mesh jackets. I opted to go ahead and purchased the Helite Adventure and Free-Air vented jackets, both arrived today. Here's my first impressions:

First the Adventure jacket in grey- WOW! I have been looking for a new jacket to replace my FG TPG. Most were in the $700+ price range. I figured for an extra few hundred, I'd get a jacket and airbag system in one. I normally wear an XL (5' 11", 210 lbs, 45" chest) but after speaking with Zak at MaxMOTO, I went with a 3XL jacket. The fit was perfect, with and without the liner. The jacket is very comfortable, fits well and has adequate adjustment straps. Removing the liner was unzipping one zipper and unbuttoning 4 buttons, 2 on each sleeve that are color coded. Although there are zippered vents, I doubt this will be cool in the summer but I'd be wearing the Free-air jacket anyways. The left chest pocket is large enough to access with gloves on. All the other pockets are too small to access without first taking off your gloves. It's a PITA to tighten the wrist of the sleeve. The velcro strap goes over the ventilation zipper making for an awkward/uncomfortable bunching of the material. Every time I take off the jacket, I have to undo the velcro and readjust when I put it back on. It's workable, but the velcro adjustment strap should have gone under the wrist, not over the wrist and zipper. My other gripe is the main zipper slide is on the left where I'm accustomed for it to being on the right. Nothing a trip to my tailor and $20 can't fix. I definitely like the jacket/airbag combo better than a separate jacket and vest. I'll wear the Adventure jacket this weekend to give it a try. We're expecting temps from low 50' to mid 70's with a chance of some rain. 

Free-Air Vented jacket - The fit is ok. Neck, chest, and arms fit fine. The waist is a little big and has a "bell" feel when I move around. There are no synch straps on the waist which is a little disappointing. Although the color is listed as gray, it's black. Not my first choice for a summer riding jacket. This jacket was also in size 3XL. There's one inside pocket and two external pockets. The liner is unattached but I wouldn't wear it anyways. And I definitely wouldn't wear it by itself unless I was going to an 80's throw back party. I'll have to wait for warmer weather to see how the ventilation compares to my Tour Master.

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